Teacher's Kit

Discover all the useful resources to get started with ChallengeMe!

Become proficient inpeer review

Check out our tips for creating a relevant and engaging activity for your students!


Express" training on peer review

Videos of less than 5 minutes to discover peer review (good practices, case studies, feedback, etc...).


Basis of criteria and rating scale

Discover the fifty or so criteria we use regularly in our activities.

Creation guide

Introduce peer review to students

Here is a PowerPoint presentation with a guide that you can use to introduce peer review to your students (its interest for them, the objectives, how to give feedback, etc...).

Our tutorials videos

Let us guide you in your first use of ChallengeMe with our guides and video tutorials

🎬 Discover the platform in 3 minutes

A 3-minute video that gives you an overview of the solution on the student side, whether it is for a cross-group or intra-group evaluation.

🎬 Create your first business

Discover in this video tutorial how to create a ChallengeMe activity from your LMS platform (Moodle, Brightspace, Blackboard).

🎬 Track your activity

Find out in 5 minutes how to administer and track your ChallengeMe activities (job tracking, grade export, exploration, standard deviation, etc.).

Our Guides PDF

📚 How ChallengeMe works

In this guide, we explain how ChallengeMe works, the different steps of a challenge, etc...

📚 Create an activity

Learn how to create your first activity from your LMS (Moodle, Brightspace, Blackboard) with this guide.

📚 Monitor your activity

Find out how to track your activity and manage it with this guide.

Our Guides students

📚 Presentation of peer review to students

In this guide, we explain how peer assessment can help students in their learning.

📚 Discover the cross evaluation

In this guide, we explain to students how a cross-assessment works.

📚 Discover the intra-group valuation

In this guide, we explain to students how an intra-group valuation works.

Our Knowledge base

Consult our entire knowledge base to guide you in using the ChallengeMe platform.

How to use peer review

Find examples of use cases around peer review for inspiration


The main pedagogical objectives

In this infographic, you will find the main pedagogical objectives of peer review with examples of use cases.

criteria base

Library of use cases

We have created a library of use cases with examples of activities. You will find a description, the objectives and some examples of criteria.

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Moodle Workshop vs. ChallengeMe

We are often asked about the value of using ChallengeMe when your school is already using Moodle Atelier. Here are some features that might be of interest to you!

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🎬 Teacher feedback.

Watch the video testimonials of our teachers who share their practices.

Make an appointment for an exchange with one of our coaches

You wish to exchange with one of our coaches to ask questions, to discuss your use case? Do not hesitate to contact us!