Moodle Workshop vs. ChallengeMe

We are often asked about the value of using ChallengeMe when your school is already using Moodle Atelier. Here are some features that might be of interest to you!

To begin with, we have tried to design a simple and flexible solution to create peer-to-peer activities. Our goal is to make this solution evolve through your feedback and your (very) numerous use cases. Each feature of the solution has been thought with you!

Here is a summary of the major differences from Moodle Atelier

Evaluation within a working group aka "intra".

This feature is probably one of the most used! Indeed, this use case is very present in schools. It allows you to ask students to evaluate themselves within a work group. The typical example: students work in a group and are asked to evaluate themselves on the skills they have developed and/or their involvement. Unfortunately this is not possible with Moodle Atelier.

Evaluation of group work

The second most used feature! Today more than 70% of the assignments required of students are based on group work. Of course it is possible, in Moodle Atelier, to ask one student in the group to submit for the others, but this will not allow the grades to be synchronized across all members (or even to grade each student differently depending on the quality of the feedback they have given)

Video compression up to 3 GB

We have implemented this feature following many requests. Indeed, it is sometimes complicated for a student to compress his video if it is filmed with a phone. We decided to accept videos up to 3 GB, they will be automatically compressed by the platform to avoid potential "friction" on the student side.

Manual allocation of jobs

It's possible with Moodle Atelier but not super simple on a large scale, you asked us so we did it 😃. It is possible to assign group or individual work to certain students. An EXCEL file is enough to set it up. For example, some schools will require Group 1's work to be evaluated by Group 3 throughout the semester on each activity.

Email notifications

It can be interesting to remind the students a few hours before the end of the activity, and well, we take care of it! The solution will automatically notify those who have not responded to alert them.

New: you can now choose not to send emails if you ever interact with students in class or on Teams Live

Tracking interface

It seemed important to us to be able to follow his activity. On Moodle Atelier, it's not always easy, we don't understand who did what and especially how the grade is really built. So we tried to make a follow-up interface with a lot of information but above all to put the essential information in front, without forgetting the Excel export to rework the data as you wish!

Very simple creation form

We tried to make the activity creation form as simple and intuitive as possible! You can start from scratch or be inspired by existing activities. This form evolves regularly taking into account your feedback 😍

Assignment of roles

It is possible to assign specific roles to evaluators. You can involve teachers, juries, or allumnis with expert status. Their feedback will be valued differently for the students.

HUMAN accompaniment

We should have put it first, it's not really a feature 😂 but human beings who are there to help you. We know that you can get help from your teaching teams on Moodle Atelier, but it's often not super simple and you'll spend a lot of time on the tool. We've tried to take a slightly different approach: We've designed a simple tool where you don't need much help and thanks to that we can help you with the pedagogy: the criteria, the assessment methods, the instructions, the groups, the reports, etc... Our team is here to help you every step of the way!