Our AI assistant

Our AI assistant can be attached to any phase of an activity. It can be available to the student (to accompany him/her in an activity) or to the teacher (to analyze or assist).


"The tool is really relevant and easy to get to grips with both for teachers and on the student side."

Julien Morice


Educational engineering department manager

Assisting the student

Our AI Assistant is designed to support students throughout their activity. Whether it's to encourage their progress, challenge them or analyze their achievements, it's up to you to set the objective! The assistant can be integrated at any stage of the activity 😍

Work deposit

Why not ask the AI to play a role in analyzing the student's answer and giving advice? For example, a financial director or an entrepreneur.

Feedback summary

It can be difficult for students to analyze all the feedback they've received. Why not offer them a summary of all the notes and feedback they've received, with their strengths, areas for improvement and ways to work on them?

Help with feedback

AI can take on the role of a feedback expert, analyzing a student's feedback and pointing out what is missing, what could be improved or developed.

Offer resources

The AI assistant can offer educational resources and personalized advice to help enhance learning. Students can benefit from tailored advice, targeted feedback and additional resources to deepen their knowledge.

Save the teacher time

We believe that AI must be contextualized to be relevant. We work with teachers to identify where our assistant can save them time ⏱

Assessment assistance

Activity analysis

Identify contributions to be verified

Synthesizing feedback

Help with feedback

Creating criteria and activities

Flexible AI to meet your needs

Imagine an artificial intelligence that you can customize according to your needs for a variety of activities: student assignments, assessments, group work, classroom presentations. Our AI acts as a prompt that you can associate with a specific step. We estimate that we've only identified 30% of the potential applications!

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We invite you to try ChallengeMe free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have. Our team will be delighted to help you!




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Answers to your questions

No, not at all. It operates within a specific framework (one stage of an activity) with anonymized data. Artificial intelligence does not feed on your personal data.