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ChallengeMe is a collaboration platform with a simplified user experience. You can use it for teams training, practice sharing, change management, new ideas generation, and much more!

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How our customers use the solution

team training


Move you teams to the next level by sharing everyone’s practices.

increase engagement


Free your employees from the pressure of judgment by anonymity.

animate groups


Provide topics and put the collective intelligence to work.

new ideas generation


Create an environment conducive to the emergence and evaluation of ideas from the field.

animate events


Create a before/after experience to harness ideas and motivate participants.

solve problems


Work with collective intelligence to solve problems.

How does it work?

A group will cooperate in 3 simple steps for a limited time.

Step 1.
Generate ideas and practices

Start a challenge from our database or create your own. Let the teams’ creativity respond. Anonymity frees from all judgment and allows to bring out ideas and practices from the field.

Step 2.
Identify the most relevant

Each participant evaluates everyone’s ideas and practices by assigning stars to the answers. He brings his experience on the subject thanks to a free and anonymous feedback.

Step 3.
Push the group forward

Everyone discovers his teammates’s feedback and the group’s best answers. He progresses thanks to the collective intelligence of his team !

Why does it work ?

We have created a framework where collective intelligence develops whatever the subject !

No judgment

Anonimity makes participants more involved despite their level, status in the company or seniority. Everyone provides feedback to move the group forward.

A definite time

It’s not a message in a bottle. Teams have a start date and an end date to work on a subject and are notified for each action. On average our challenges last 2 weeks.

Simple and stimulating

No need for a training to launch challenges or participate. The platform is accessible 24/7 from multiple devices (PC, tablets or smartphones).

Ludovic Charbonnel

“The creation of ChallengeMe was inspired by co-development, participative management methods, peer-learning and learning by doing. We believe that it’s possible to bring ideas and talents out, from anywhere within the company. We’re already present in 15 countries and we can confidently confirm that collective intelligence wonderfully drives the development of companies.”

Alexandre Gasne

“ChallengeMe represents more than 140,000 lines of code with the prevalent idea of making the user experience as simple as possible. We designed it to be a collective intelligence facilitator, and we continue to innovate in that direction. Soon, we’ll be able to analyze ideas and feedback exchanges to provide a complete visualization of the skills across a company.”

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