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Whether for peer assessment, teacher assessment, formative learning, skills development or teaching evaluation, ChallengeMe is the simplest and most flexible French solution.

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Developing students' skills

ChallengeMe enhances students' critical thinking by actively engaging them in the learning process through constructive feedback.

Studies show that peer assessment significantly improves the quality of students' work, boosts self-confidence and develops key skills such as critical thinking. With ChallengeMe, you can integrate these benefits directly into your teaching! 



Students learn to give and receive feedback.



Students are more involved in activities

Time-saving for the teacher

Reduce the time spent on assessments while increasing teaching effectiveness. With ChallengeMe, launch and configure your assessment activities quickly, freeing up more time for interactive, personalized teaching.
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Succession of phases to diversify paths

On ChallengeMe, an activity is made up of a succession of phases. You can assess assignments, class presentations, student involvement, skills and much more! Each phase can be freely organized according to your objectives, and can be formative or summative.

Quick-start templates

Ready-to-use activity templates to launch your activities in less than 5 minutes

Choose your evaluation types

Adapt assessments to your specific needs: individual, group, self-assessment, teacher assessment and more, for tailor-made pedagogy.

Integrated into your LMS

Connects easily with Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace and other popular LMSs. ChallengeMe automatically retrieves groups and can export notes directly into your LMS.

IA support

Our advanced AI technology guides students through feedback and helps teachers assess more effectively. It also provides students with summaries of the feedback they receive, helping them to progress and put feedback into action.


" " A flexible, agile team that listens, so we've been able to arrange a lot of things. It's nice to know that we're working with a team that makes a good partner." "

Vaitea Jacquier

Head of Pedagogical Innovation SKEMA Business School

What our customers say about us

"This enables them to take a step back from their own work, delve deeper into course concepts and see different methods in solving an exercise. In this way, they can help their fellow students by giving them constructive feedback and, for their part, review the parts they haven't mastered".

Marie Noémie Thai
Marie Noémie Thai

Mathematics Teacher ESILV

"The students were able to situate themselves in relation to each other by putting their work into perspective. It also gave them a better understanding of the grading criteria."

Magali Giraud
Magali Giraud

Lecturer IAE Toulouse

"ChallengeMe enabled us to launch an intra-group evaluation on a population of 800 students very easily."

Andrés Gonzalez
Andrés Gonzalez

Pedagogical engineer at Grenoble EM

"Creativity, responsiveness, innovation, caring and constructiveness: tomorrow's dream world today!!!! Many thanks to ChallengeMe for these innovative educational experiences!!!! 👏👏 "

Arnaud Cuisinier
Arnaud Cuisinier

Head of Pedagogical Innovation

"ChallengeMe allows us to identify at a glance the facilities and difficulties encountered by students."

Gwladys Mao
Gwladys Mao


Our use cases

Identifying free riders

Use this model to quickly identify everyone's level of involvement in the group

Evaluating large cohorts

Facilitate the assessment of a large number of students using our ready-to-use activity and reporting tools

Engaging presentations

Engaging students during oral presentations can be difficult. Our template makes it easy.

Learning through feedback

Develop peer-to-peer learning with purely formative activities.

Preventing AI plagiarism

Who better than a student to assess the document's authenticity? You'll be amazed at the results!

Developing soft skills

Use our multi-phase moèdle to assess students' soft skills!

Evaluating group dynamics

Evaluate group dynamics in several phases and quickly identify groups in difficulty.

Evaluating critical thinking

Use "back feedback" to ask students to develop their critical thinking skills.

Distribute work to teachers

Our platform lets you create assignment rules. Why not use it to ask a cohort of teachers to evaluate a cohort of students?

Answers to your questions

We put a team of coaches at your disposal to help you build your activities and projects.

Do you have any questions? Contact our team to help you

Absolutely! We set up face-to-face workshops or webinars to train teachers in the solution and the various possibilities of peer assessment. They have access to a direct telephone line and an email address for any questions they may have.

Try ChallengeMe free of charge

We invite you to try ChallengeMe free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have. Our team will be delighted to help you!



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