Job evaluation

This is our long-standing and very simple activity, which allows work to be assessed by peers, teachers or more advanced students. This activity can be carried out individually or in groups.


"It allows them to take a step back from their own work, to go deeper into the concepts of the course and see different methods for solving an exercise. It also gives them a better understanding of what's expected in an assignment and the course objectives".

Marie Noémie Thai


Mathematics Teacher

How does it work?

Students and/or teachers evaluate documents, texts and mathematical formulas according to different criteria. These criteria can vary and include grading scales, feedback only, numerical grades, academic assessments, item selection, etc.

Add phases

You can use a "simple" activity or add additional deposit or evaluation phases.

Teacher evaluation

Iterative work with multiple repositories

Evaluation by companies or associations

Customize your rating

Use the AI assistant

Why not use our AI assistant to guide students in their feedback. The assistant can give them elements to improve their feedback and make it more constructive.

Our webinar on job evaluation

Find out what's new in ChallengeMe for job evaluation in this webinar.

They use job evaluation for their EMP program

Answers to your questions

Yes, it's "enough" to prepare the students, explain the objectives, and even co-construct the criterion grid with them, taking examples from previous work.

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