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How Toulouse School of Management used peer review 

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TSM is the management school of the Toulouse Capitole University. It offers its 3,000 students degrees in Management from the Bachelor's to the Doctorate, in initial training, continuing education and sandwich courses.







After a very successful pilot, TSM wanted to make the ChallengeMe platform available to its teachers to enable them to launch peer review sessions with their students.

Different use cases for different purposes.

After discovering how the platform works, the teachers were able to project themselves into different use cases meeting several objectives:

  • train students on practical cases
  • teach them to give constructive feedback
  • to acquire a working method
  • put their work into perspective with that of others
  • increase engagement during presentations
  • become familiar with the peer review process

While some wanted to take into account the grade given by the students as part of the final grade, others preferred to focus only on the feedback. 

matthieu bouvard

Matthieu Bouvard

Professor of Management Sciences

"I found ChallengeMe to be a very interesting way for students wishing to do research to learn about the peer review process commonly used in this field.

magali giraud

Magali Giraud

Senior Lecturer - Marketing

"The students were able to see how they compare with each other by putting their work into perspective. It also allowed them to better understand the grading criteria.

stephan peze

Stephan Peze

Senior Lecturer - Strategy

"This allowed the students to be more engaged during the presentations and to increase the intensity of listening. This allowed them to get the most out of the course."

A very good perception of the students

On the students' side, the perception was good for a large majority of them. (based on a satisfaction survey). The most appreciated points were the ease of use and the fact that they could discover the work of others while exchanging feedback.

"I liked the simplicity of the platform to evaluate as well as the knowledge sharing."

"The platform was easy to get to grips with and I really enjoyed getting feedback on my work."


A willingness to use the platform over time

As the initial objectives of the teachers were achieved and the perception of the students was good, there was no reason for the school to stop there.

TSM therefore wanted to continue the partnership with ChallengeMe. Some teachers have even anticipated the year 2022 and are already talking about new projects.