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Podcast - Feedback and peer review

Feedback at the heart of peer assessment

Peer assessment, where students evaluate each other, relies on a central element: feedback. This is what Coralie Ardiet, Pedagogical Engineer at BSB (Burgundy School of Business), underlines in the episode "Feedback in peer assessment" of the Pedagocast, produced in partnership with ChallengeMe.

"Properly structured feedback has the power to transform students' educational experience. It's the key to maximizing their learning and academic performance," explains Coralie Ardiet.


The benefits of quality feedback

According to recent academic research, effective feedback in peer review has many advantages:

  • It provides students with personalized and varied feedback
  • It develops their capacity for analysis and expression
  • It fosters their commitment and motivation
  • It helps them to progress independently

"When students receive relevant feedback from their peers, they feel more involved in their learning. They better understand their strengths and areas for improvement," emphasizes Coralie Ardiet.

How do you formulate constructive feedback?

But how do you ensure that feedback is truly useful and motivating for students? Coralie Ardiet gives her advice:

  1. Be specific and factual in your comments
  2. Emphasize positive points as well as areas for improvement
  3. Suggest concrete ways forward
  4. Adopt a benevolent and encouraging tone

"It's essential to train students to give constructive feedback. It's a skill that will serve them throughout their professional lives," insists Coralie Ardiet.

ChallengeMe, a tool to facilitate feedback

To help teachers integrate feedback into peer assessment, solutions like ChallengeMe are available. This platform helps structure the feedback process, with evaluation grids and personalized follow-up.

"ChallengeMe is a real asset when it comes to setting up an effective peer assessment system focused on feedback. It saves teachers time and energy," says Coralie Ardiet.

Ready to revolutionize your teaching with feedback?

  • Want to get your students more involved?
  • Would you like to help them progress independently?
  • Are you looking to develop their cross-disciplinary skills?

Rely on feedback in your peer evaluations! Discover Coralie Ardiet's concrete advice for transforming your teaching methods.

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