Give your students the opportunity to evaluate each other.

Challengeme is the first

peer review platform

allowing students to become actors in their training.

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    Why implement peer review?

    Peer assessment allows students tocritically assess their own and others'work, reinforces learning through explanation and allows teachers tooptimise marking time.

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    How it works

    peer review scheme

    The benefits of peer review

    Pupils learn much better

    We retain 20% of what we see, and 90% of what we explain.

     By entering into a peer review process, the student adopts a new mindset and assimilation is reinforced.

    The time spent on marking is greatly optimised.

    MCQs can be assessed quickly, but case studies with open questions cannot.

    When there is a large number of papers, peer review can greatly reduce the time spent.

    Pupils think critically and learn from others.

    Peer learning allows students to gain perspective on their work.

    For the same problem they discover new approaches and learn from each other. (peer learning)

    Grading remains the responsibility of the teacher.

    The different evaluation criteria are defined by the teacher.

    If the application of the scale on the work is defined by the student, the final marking remains the responsibility of the teacher.

    The benefits of our peer review platform

    The number of projects to be assessed per student can be set

    You can choose how many projects a student should assess, allowing you to weight the level of effort required.

    Teachers can also participate in the evaluation.

    The teacher may or may not be involved in the assessment process. If so, the teacher's rating will be valued differently.

    We have connectors to synchronise your Intranet with ChallengeMe

    By connecting ChallengeMe to your Intranet, students will be able to log in with their login details provided at the beginning of the year.

    Students have permanent access to their project history

    Students keep track of their previous work and can consult their grades at any time.

    The deadlines for project submission and evaluation are fully configurable.

    The duration of the evaluation sessions can be from 1 to several days, it's up to you!

    Group work is managed by the platform

    Depending on the project, you can choose individual or group marking. (one group assesses another group)

    Request a demo of the solution

    Once you have filled in the form, we will contact you to introduce you to the platform and answer any questions you may have.

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