Implement a skills-based approach to concrete projects

To prepare students as effectively as possible for the professional world, our training programs seek to develop skills that go beyond academic knowledge.

But how can we ensure that students have mastered concrete know-how and interpersonal skills? How can we assess their progress?


"Students appreciate receiving feedback from their peers on their areas for improvement and their strengths."

Christine Degot


Action Learning Mentor and Professor of Marketing

How does it work?

Students carry out projects inspired by real-life business situations, either on their own or in groups. Throughout the project, they self-assess and are evaluated by their peers and teachers on key skills such as project management, communication, creativity and team spirit.

At the end, they present a concrete project (report, prototype, oral presentation, etc.) assessed by a joint university/company panel. They obtain a score for each skill, tracking their progress.

ChallengeMe features

Technical and cross-disciplinary skills repository

Evaluation by peers, teachers and pros

Your synchronized groups from Moodle

Customize your rating

Individual progress chart

Promotion of achievements to recruiters

Our webinar on identifying freeriders

In this webinar, you'll discover 3 case studies in workgroup evaluation:

Identifying free-riders; Developing soft skills; Measuring group dynamics

They use evaluation in a group

Answers to your questions

Absolutely! Groups can be synchronized from your Moodle platform or directly via an Excel file. It's the easiest and quickest activity to organize!

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