Engage your teams with collaborative e-learning.

ChallengeMe is an engaging collaborative learning solution that allows participants to co-construct their learning around field challenges.
It relies on peer-to-peer learning to enhance the learning and ownership process.

    The participants put the theory into practice in the field.

    We retain 10% of what we read and 70% of what we experience. Thanks to the exchange around a field problem, everyone is encouraged to apply the theory in the field and to give feedback.

    number of feedbacks

    3 stages on the same theme: Response, Evaluation, Result

    peer review criteria

    Each participant brings their own experience and expertise to the group.

    group responses

    Training courses are available in the platform to lead your teams.

    Learners co-construct their learning.

    Participants are no longer afraid of being judged and can share their field practices with each other and progress thanks to the experience and expertise of each other.

    The teams are motivated.

    Learners are accompanied through the 3 stages of the challenge, they are notified and encouraged to participate. They quickly understand the benefits of peer-to-peer sharing on an issue. They can receive several feedbacks in a few days on a practice with elements to improve it. Thanks to the anonymity, they are reassured and can express themselves freely on their field practices.

    number of feedbacks

    The participants receive their feedback and results quickly.

    group responses

    They can assess the usefulness of the feedback received.

    group responses

    The answers are free, there is no right answer, just their practices.

    How it works


    Learners receive a challenge by email. This can be an open question or an assignment to be completed in groups or individually.
    open question


    Learners have a limited amount of time to send their answer into the platform. The answer can be written or in the form of a video or PDF document.


    Learners share their experiences and expertise by evaluating and giving feedback on each other's practices.
    Business experts can also be involved with a different status.


    The learner discovers his results and the feedback he has received. They can evaluate the usefulness of the feedback they received. They also have access to the best answers of their group.
    results stage

    How they use us

    Collaborative training course

    Launching training courses where each person can interact with their peers by practising the theory with open questions

    Identify coach collaborators

    Through challenges and evaluation of feedback, identify communities of employees who can act as coaches

    Training managers

    Use collaborative learning to increase the skills of your management teams, through a training course with short content, they will be able to exchange on the practical application in the field

    Promoting the sharing of business practices

    Don't your sales teams have the opportunity to share their practices except once a year during a kick-off? Start a thread where sales people can share their sales pitch, product, etc.

    Developing the soft skills of teams

    Use ChallengeMe to help your teams improve their behavioural skills directly with a programme of challenges with short, engaging content and indirectly by collaborating with peers and providing relevant feedback to teammates.

    Putting the work situation into practice

    Propose challenges that put the theory into practice in the field and collect feedback on their practices, thanks to open questions.

    Competence assessment

    If you need to assess certain skills in your teams, choose one of our challenges or create your own so that your teams can answer questions and then be assessed by business experts.

    Supporting project leaders

    A project leader is challenged on questions to help him/her structure his/her idea or business (Target, partners, pitch, business model, etc.), he/she then receives feedback from other project leaders and/or coaches

    Our services

    challengeme coach

    A ChallengeMe Coach

    We provide you with a dedicated coach to support you in the implementation of the challenges.

    LMS integration

    Integration with your LMS

    We integrate with your existing tools to enable you to deploy the solution easily.

    Customised reports

    Depending on your needs, we can generate reports on demand.

    online chat

    Online chat

    Nous sommes disponibles par tchat sur l’application pour vous accompagner dans l’utilisation de ChallengeMe.

    They trust us

    arnaud cuisinier
    Arnaud Cuisinier / Director of Corporate Communication

    It was a real breath of fresh air to work with the whole team!

    Creativity, reactivity, innovation, benevolence and constructiveness: the dream world of tomorrow today! A big thank you to ChallengeMe for these innovative educational experiences!!! 👏👏

    stephanie voguer

    Stéphanie Voguer / / Delivery Manager

    Super fun and interesting!

    This has created a sense of emulation in all the teams. It's a new way of communicating and getting the teams to exchange.

    esc pau

    Our team makes the difference

    Our team is here to help you with whatever you need.
    We are available by phone, chat or email.
    Guides are available to help you get the most out of ChallengeMe.
    We train you on the solution and how to use it for free.



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    Coach and Marketer


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    Business Developer



    Business Developer

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