Engaging oral presentations

During oral presentations, it can be difficult to maintain audience attention and engagement, especially with large groups. Students tend to tune out and not actively listen to their peers. How can we get them more involved in evaluating presentations?


"Students appreciate receiving feedback from their peers on their areas for improvement and their strengths."

Christine Degot


Action Learning Mentor and Professor of Marketing

How does it work?

Each student or group of students makes an oral presentation to the class. Meanwhile, the other students use ChallengeMe on their smartphones or computers to evaluate the live performance according to predefined criteria: clarity, structure, visual aids, interaction with the audience, etc. They can also ask questions or make comments. They can also ask questions or make comments. At the end, the speaker receives a summary of the evaluations, with highlights and areas for improvement.

ChallengeMe features

Real-time peer review of presentations

Assessment criteria can be customized to suit the learning objectives

Immediate feedback synthesis for the speaker

Track your progress from one presentation to the next

Our webinar on evaluating oral presentations

They use evaluation in a group

Answers to your questions

Absolutely! Groups can be synchronized from your Moodle platform or directly via an Excel file. It's the easiest and quickest activity to organize!

Try ChallengeMe free of charge

We invite you to try ChallengeMe free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have. Our team will be delighted to help you!




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