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In some courses, particularly undergraduate ones, there are a large number of papers or exams to be marked, often by a team of teachers and assistants. Dividing up the grading workload fairly can quickly become a headache, given everyone's constraints, deadlines and the need to harmonize grading. How can this process be streamlined and optimized?


"The tool is really relevant and easy to get to grips with both for teachers and on the student side."

Julien Morice


Educational engineering department manager

How does it work?

The teacher in charge creates an assessment activity on ChallengeMe, entering the number of papers to be graded and the assessment criteria. He invites the other teachers and assistants to join the activity, specifying for each the number of papers to be graded.

The platform then randomly distributes the copies in a balanced way, taking into account any unavailability.

Each student can then evaluate his or her own work, and see how the others have progressed. At the end, the teacher in charge can compare notes and adjust if necessary.

ChallengeMe features

Creation of a multi-evaluator evaluation activity

Entry of total number of copies and common evaluation criteria

Invitation to co-evaluators and definition of their workload

Random and fair distribution of papers for correction

Interface for entering scores and comments for each evaluator

Time-saving export of notes to your LMS

Our webinar on identifying freeriders

In this webinar, you'll discover 3 case studies in workgroup evaluation:

Identifying free-riders; Developing soft skills; Measuring group dynamics

They use evaluation in a group

Answers to your questions

Absolutely! Groups can be synchronized from your Moodle platform or directly via an Excel file. It's the easiest and quickest activity to organize!

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