ANSTIA Members Offer

ChallengeMe is a peer review platform that allows students to evaluate and give feedback to each other in order to develop their skills and facilitate learning.

😍 Members receive a 15% discount on the annual license. 😍


Positive feedback from our students and teachers


Simpler than the usual solutions

Benefits at all levels!

studentsThe students learn from feedback of others

They receive a lot of feedback with different approaches, thus promoting better assimilation.

The teachers go to less time to correct and more time to transmit
They can quickly identify what has and has not been learned and can focus more on teaching.
rocketOnly 15 minutes are needed to understand how to use ChallengeMe
Launching an activity is very simple. The ChallengeMe team is always there to support you to ensure that your activities are effective.

Take advantage of the ANSTIA offer

You want to measure the interest of the platform for your school? We can set up a pilot with volunteer teachers! The integration in the main LMS is done in 3 clicks. ANSTIA members receive an additional 15% discount.